GigaOM's CXO Decision Brief: Cloud Change Intelligence

Discover GigaOM analyst Matt Jallo's take on Cloud Change Intelligence and Lightlytics

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agile cloud security

Definitive Guide to Agile Cloud Security.

Loaded with checklists, charts, and thought leadership from cloud security experts, the Agile Cloud Security: The Ultimate Handbook will help you discover how to slice through all the security noise with innovative strategies for pre-deployment, cloud security posture management, and detection and response.  

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testing strategies

In this ebook, we’ll explore the challenges of this new reality and what organizations can do to deploy safely while not slowing down the time it takes to deploy.

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Delegating production infrastructure configurations to developers with confidence.

Delegation of infrastructure configurations to developers is becoming more and more frequent, organizations of all size are giving developers control over their production environments, the agility it brings is awesome however there are risks that should be taken into account.

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Deploy cloud infrastructure changes with confidence. Troubleshoot faster with the complete context of your cloud environment.


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