About us

Our vision

We want DevOps for cloud infrastructure to be as agile as software deployment is--without interruption to business continuity, regardless of how complex the dependencies and configuration changes are at planning, deployment, and ongoing operations stages.
Why are we here?

Development for infrastructure is becoming as agile as software. But this agility and the multi-cloud, micro-services ecosystems create new complexities. Humans can’t see and assess all the risks caused by all the dependencies in new infrastructure deployments or continued operations.

The more dependencies we have, the more that can go wrong and the higher the cost will be when business critical operations fail, customer service or payments stop, and time-to-market slows. But even when problems are detected with currently available reactive tactics that provide indications post-impact--like monitoring, remediation, and disaster recovery tools--the damage is done.

The best crisis management is prevention.
DevOps nightmares and the significant costs they incur should be prevented, not managed.

Lightlytics enables DevOps to automatically predict, pre-empt, and prevent failures, downtime, and  business disruption caused by infrastructure development or updates by simulating all possible dependencies and impacts on operations before and after deployment.

The Dream Team

In early 2020, we assembled a team of seasoned engineers to do one thing:
Help DevOps teams operate cloud infrastructure with confidence.
Our deep commitment to developing a proactive approach to Infrastructure operations will help our customers increase business confidence and create a tangible and lasting impact on the way DevOps teams operate.


Or Shoshani , CEO

Or Shoshani

Co-founder, CEO
Stav Sitnikov, CTO

Stav Sitnikov

Co-founder, CTO

Liran Roffman

Co-founder, VP Engineering

Backed by

Our board members and advisors

Or Shoshani , CEO

Rona Segev

Managing Partner
TLV Partners
Stav Sitnikov, CTO

Kobi Samboursky

Managing Partner
Glilot Capital Partners
Stav Sitnikov, CTO

Dan Sarel

Co-Founder, VP Product
Demisto (Palo Alto Networks)
CI/CD helps DevOps teams  ship software faster.
Continuous Verification gives DevOps teams the confident foresight to move faster.
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