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The ability to confidently deploy and continuously operate cloud infrastructure is the competitive advantage your enterprise needs today.

This is why our unique approach is your key to A competitive advantage

Confident Deployment Planning

Automatically identify potential obstacles or conflicts between resources, entities, or services involved in any new requirements. Radically reduce both planning and development time by preventing malfunctions at the planning stage, before development trial & error ping-pong begins.

Confident Deployment
Cloud Infrastructure Deployment

Confident Infrastructure Deployment

Simulate all possible dependencies to predict any possible outcomes and avoid DevOps nightmares (such as service interruptions, data loss, and compliance breaches) before deploying new cloud infrastructure functions or updates.

Confident Continuous Operation

Automatically detect the 1st signs of distress caused by unknown interactions or ecosystem changes. Instantly diagnose the root cause to rapidly mitigate and maintain continuous operation of business critical infrastructure and avoid data loss.

Cloud Operations
Cloud monitoring

Confident Crisis Control

Prevent most infrastructure disasters caused during planning, deployment, and ongoing operations. And when crisis hits, instantly identify the root cause and optimal solutions and predict any repercussions of required actions to rapidly restore operations, minimize damage, and avoid new problems that mitigation may cause.

How it works

Cloud Digital Twin

The engine dynamically correlates the dependencies between services and infrastructure by simulating the environment in code.

Continuous Verification

Automatically predict, pre-empt, and prevent downtime, data loss, deployment delays, and other critical business disruption caused by infrastructure changes by simulating all possible dependencies and their impact on operations.

Cloud Protection

Protect across clouds, teams, technologies, and infrastructure stack layers--because they don't always play nicely together. Lightlytics integrates with your environments, without disturbing existing workflows.



Zero Touch,
Instant Start

Because DevOps are already stretched too thin, and every day you wait is another crisis you could have avoided.

No Manual Input

Because even the smartest DevOps and biggest IT teams can’t possibly consider all the dependencies that can cause problems in today’s complex environments.

No Agents, No Humans

Because we’re here to eliminate risk factors, not add to them.

You wouldn't cross the highway without first checking both ways to assess danger and plan your move, right? So don't deploy cloud infrastructure without first checking Lightlytics to understand the risks and build your plan.
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