The only real time cloud Digital Twin

Discover, Plan, Simulate and Deploy

With the Lightlytics cloud digital twin you can see your entire consequence chain before deploying changes.

Get full real-time understanding of changes made to your environment, gain full control and be notified of any violations to your best practice.

Your cloud in a crystal ball

Gain unmatched observability and control across your entire workflow.

We know what late night deployments feel like, we've been there "in the cloud trenches". We know that sometimes just a few "simple" lines of code can cause havoc in places you could never fathom.

Lightlytics Live dependency graph! Easily discover, pivot and query all of your cloud resources with the Lightlytics powerful path search, complete resource configuration history, traffic-logs, state and dependency mapping

All of your Activity and Traffic logs are aggregated with the configuration level giving you actionable insight into the actual behaviors and data flows in your environment

It's time to put guardrails where you didn't have any control before. Issues that before were only detected in production are now visible in advance.

Shift left the right way - with Lightlytics you can control changes made to your environment. Anyone can make changes but only changes aligned with your best practices will be deployed!

Easy Integration

Connect cloud environments in minutes with API-first, agent-less approach integration. Lightlytics will scan resources configurations across the entire cloud-native stack, up to the data-plane layer.


Discover your entire cloud-native infrastructure footprint with all of its dependencies, identify your infrastructure’s current state, easily plan how to implement new requirements and dramatically speed up troubleshooting.


Stay up-to-date with the latest configuration and state changes made to your infrastructure resources and posture. Understand the impact of each change in real-time. Easily audit and track changes over time regardless of the source of the change.


Foresee the impact of every proposed change on your entire cloud posture and services. Reduce the time it takes to review IaC PRs, deploy faster and more securely by eliminating availability, security and other operational risks before deployment.

Architectural Standards

Enforce custom-made, industry best-practices and business-logic architectural standards on build and runtime. Alert your existing ChatOps tools when violations occur.

Activity Logs

Gain actionable insights into the behavior of distributed services and cloud infrastructure

Coming soon
Control Center

Obtain a centralized view to help gain visibility into essential issues. Route the most critical events and insights into a unified view of your posture configuration and health status. Build custom alerts relevant to your team and organization to avoid noise and prevent false positives

Cloud environments are becoming increasingly complex, making managing them error prone. Often changes cause unexpected behaviors that require  significant time and effort to troubleshoot. Before Lightlytics we could only hope to catch these behaviors in staging/QA environment and not in production.

What makes Lightlytics unique?

Lightlytics’ innovative Cloud Twin engine creates a real-time simulated model of the cloud environment and dynamically correlates the dependencies between configurations, services, infrastructure and activity logs. this way  policy violations are calculated up-stream and down-stream giving you full and unmatched visibility and control to you environment

Secured by design.

As Lightlytics builds a cloud digital twin SaaS platform for Ops and Security teams, our customers trust us with their most important cloud infrastructure and workloads data. Security has always been the top priority for our product and engineering teams.

Why Lightlytics?

Agent-less 5 minute deployment, one IAM role and two Lambda functions!
Full AWS and Kubernetes support
Dozens of out-of-the box industry best practices in Availability, Compliance, Cost and Security
Complete control and visibility in real time of any changes done to your
Unmatched context and impact
Build for scale!



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How it Works
Cloud Digital Twin

The engine dynamically correlates the dependencies between services and infrastructure by simulating the environment in code.

Continuous Simulation

Automatically predict, pre-empt, and prevent downtime, data loss, deployment delays, and other critical business disruptions caused by infrastructure changes by simulating all possible dependencies and their impact on operations.

Seamless Protection

Enjoy full-spectrum protection across clouds, teams, technologies, and infrastructure stack layers -because they don't always play nicely together. Lightlytics integrates with your environment without disturbing existing workflows.

"Lightlytics solves a significant gap and provides an opportunity to improve the resiliency of changes"
VP Engineering, Large sports retailer
"We are using seven different tools and manually correlating in between them to get these types of insights today."
DevOps Director, Online food ordering company
"Developers are pushing configuration changes to production, and we need tools to make sure they are doing it safely without compromising on speed."
CIO, Web hosting company
"Today, we take reactive actions. Understanding the impact of every change before it hits production is very valuable."
VP Engineering, Fortune 500 Company
"The ability to understand and predict impact across all layers of the Cloud-native infrastructure, is the dream of every DevOps team in the industry."
VP Platform Engineering, Information Technology company
"The ability to set security validations in a proactive manner, is a needed capability as we shift left and move to the cloud."
VP Cloud Security, Large digital bank

What's new?

You’d never cross the street without checking both ways first. Never deploy cloud infrastructure without evaluating the risks and building your plan properly.


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