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Real-time Simulation with Lightlytics on Hashicorp Terraform

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The cloud makes it extremely easy to manage and provision infrastructure in speed and scale, but it comes with its own complexities. As cloud service providers offer such a vast array of options, selecting the right resource configurations gets more complex, stress-inducing, time-consuming, and costly.
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools such as Terraform are used to simplify and automate infrastructure changes. Terraform provides a simple yet powerful way to request cloud infrastructure at the code level.
The Lightlytics CloudTwin simulation engine merges the current configuration state of your cloud in combination with the Terraform code proposed change, to determine how your cloud is going to be impacted if the code will be deployed, helping you to check if intent is met, prevent downtime and other misconfigurations to eliminate critical mistakes before they are deployed by continuously simulating changes as part of the GitOps flow.
In this webinar, you will learn how to create a CloudTwin with the Lightlytics solution, discover, plan, simulate and deploy IaC changes with confidence.
  • Cloud Complexity - the problem
  • Lightlytics CloudTwin – hands-on
  • Initial scan and building the cloud digital twin
  • How real-time simulation helps your cloud environment
  • Simulate terraform changes and understand their impact on existing infra
  • Enforcing guardrails in simulation and real-time
Michael Schwartz
Solutions Architect Team Lead
Dominique Top
Solutions Engineer
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