and plant a tree!

We want you to experience the full capabilities of Lightlytics during your first 21 days, after that you can choose to move to the Free plan or the Pro plan.
Get your tree certificate when you activate your account.

  • Predict the impact of Terraform changes and prevent critical mistakes.
  • Pinpoint availability, security & compliance risks in real-time across your complete cloud posture.
  • Enforce architectural standards across teams to encourage consistent and reliable changes.
What is a treemium?

A treemium is a concept we invented! We combined the best of a trial (full product experience for a limited time) and a freemium (limited product experience without time restrictions), and we plant a tree for every activated user!

We believe you will love our platform and will want to share it with your favorite people, so we added a referral option, too. Every activated user gets 5 referral codes, and you will receive a tree certificate for each activated referral. So, by trying Lightlytics and sharing the treemium with friends, you can plant 6 trees in total!

We want you to experience the full capabilities of Lightlytics during your first 21 days, after that you can choose to move to the Free plan or the Pro plan.

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Frequently asked questions:

Why are we doing a treemium?

We’re a young SaaS startup. We need more users and more user feedback to perfect our platform. We want to attract more users, deliver value to a broader audience, and do good for the environment while we’re at it. We all have shared responsibility to offset carbon footprint caused by cloud technologies and planting a tree for each activated user is a step in the right direction for us. We believe in leading by example, and we expect the treemium model to inspire all SaaS companies to take similar action.

What happens when my 21 day trial is over?

We will share tips, tricks and best practices about Lightlytics during your trial (via email), so we’ll always be in touch. At the end of your 21 day trial, if you don’t take any action to buy the Pro plan, you will be automatically moved to the Free plan. We will send you an email 24 hours before we implement this change for your account. You can learn more about our plans on the plans page.

How do I get support during my trial?  

You will receive a link to join the community Slack channel once your instance is spun up. We rely on our experts and the community to support trials.  

How do I get a tree planted?  

Here are the steps to get a tree planted with your treemium:

  • You sign up to treemium on this page.  
  • We spin up your environment and send you a welcome email with instructions.
  • You connect your AWS account with Lightlytics (aka activating your account).  
  • We plant a tree in your name and send the tree certificate to the email address you used to register.

That’s it!

What service do you use to get these trees planted?  

We work with OneTreePlanted, a non-profit organization focused on global deforestation. You will receive your tree certificates directly from them.

How can I buy the Pro plan during or after my trial period?

You can always buy the Pro plan via our listing on the Amazon Marketplace. On days 16 and 19 of your trial, you will receive 2 emails with steps to purchase the Pro plan.  

How do referrals work? How can I get more trees planted?

Here are the steps to refer the treemium to friends and get more trees:  

  • Use the “refer a friend” link on the emails you receive from us.  
  • Add your friend’s work email and your email to the form.  
  • Your friend receives your invitation.  
  • Your friend signs up and connects their AWS account to Lightlytics.  
  • Your friend gets their first tree, and you get another tree.  
  • You have 5 referrals, so you can have 5 additional trees planted in your name by referring friends.