Deploy Terraform code into your AWS cloud faster & safer.

Predict Terraform code changes before deployment by continuously simulating them as part of the GitOps flow

Never worry about changes again. Lightlytics provides a full analysis of how a Terraform change will affect your cloud before the code is deployed.

Understanding what a Terraform code change will do to your cloud can be challenging and confusing

Lightlytics will visualize a context-driven risk analysis on how your cloud environment will be impacted with every configuration change. Reduce the time it takes to review Terraform code changes and the risk of downtime or security breaches before deployment.

How does it work?

Reduce the unknowns when pushing Terraform code

Test and verify every configuration change.Whenever there’s a new Pull-Request, Lightlytics simulation engine uses the current configuration state of your cloud in a combination with the Terraform code proposed change, to determine how your cloud is going to be impacted if the code will be deployed.

Unprecedented visibility, early in the development process.

Lightlytics goes far beyond static code scanning tools. Get a detailed picture of how your code change will impact an entire environment:

  • Accelerate and simplify the complex code review process

  • Understand how the change is going to have an impact on reachability, network connectivity, exposure paths, and accessibility

  • Detect high-risk changes that are otherwise hard to predict from a Terraform plan

  • Predict potential availability issues that may cause down-time

Deploy Terraform Code With Confidence

Approve Terraform changes only when you have reviewed and verified that your code will meet the original intent and will not cause unintended operational or security risks to your production environment

Direct Integration Into Infrastructure Pipelines

Easily connect Lightlytics simulation web-hook into your existing IaC deployment flow via GitHub Action, Terraform Cloud, Jenkins or any CI tool.


Lightlytics integration with Terraform Cloud Run Tasks

You’d never cross the street without checking both ways first. Never deploy cloud infrastructure without evaluating the risks and building your plan properly.