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Cloud Change Intelligence

The new AWS bill states the obvious:
Cloud costs are increasing!

How do you optimize your configuration to reduce bills and effort?

You’re not the only one facing increasing AWS costs and operational effort to keep your environment running. All cloud native teams that are scaling face this issue.  Managing cloud costs is complicated:  
Native AWS tools and bills only tell you so much about the config changes that cause the cost increase,
Multiple accounts, regions, availability zones, data transfer costs are difficult to track,
AWS credits are randomly applied to your components, misleading teams looking to troubleshoot cost,
The accrued cost of dynamic or on-demand items like VPCs or load balancers are not easy to find or understand.  

Discover the complete structure of your AWS cost and troubleshoot with context:

Stay on top of AWS costs:

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Get real-time alerts on idle, unused resources, high-cost traffic or unexpected cost increases in your environment.

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Troubleshoot cost with direct, indirect costs, pinpoint the cost impact of configuration changes or individual components.  

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Reduce operational effort and usage cost by consolidating multiple point solutions.

"Lightlytics provides us visibility into AWS configuration changes at a level that we didn’t previously have. We have the confidence to know when these changes occur, not only for security and availability, but for cost and budgeting purposes as well.”

Gary Theis
CTO, Wego

"By integrating Lightlytics simulation within the infrastructure code pipeline, engineering teams can shorten and simplify the complex code review process, as well as reduce the number of mistakes that results in misconfigurations hitting the production environment."

Niv Shlomo
DevOps Group Manager, Kaltura

"Lightlytics has a powerful yet intuitive platform that provides visibility and in-depth insights into your AWS infrastructure."

Jian Gong
Head of Cybersecurity, Better Therapeutics
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