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Cloud deployment should not be a “cross your fingers” task, with the Lightlytics IaC solution you can scan, clone and control your Cloud with confidence.
The Lightlytics Cloud Twin engine creates a real-time simulated model of your cloud environment and dynamically correlates the dependencies between configurations, services, infrastructure, and activity logs.

Lightlytics Live dependency graph! Easily discover, pivot and query all of your cloud resources with the Lightlytics powerful path search, complete resource configuration history, traffic-logs, state and dependency mapping

All of your Activity and Traffic logs are aggregated with the configuration level giving you actionable insight into the actual behaviors and data flows in your environment

It's time to put guardrails where you didn't have any control before. Issues that before were only detected in production are now visible in advance.

Shift left the right way - with Lightlytics you can control changes made to your environment. Anyone can make changes but only changes aligned with your best practices will be deployed!