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Per MU*, per month

Application Behaivor - Additional cost

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* Managed Unit | Volume discounts available (500+ Mu /mo) Contact us


Per MU*, per month

Application Behavior - Additional cost

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* Managed Unit | Volume discounts available (500+ Mu /mo) Contact us
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Frequently asked questions:

What is a managed unit?

Managed units are comprised of the following cloud resources active in your connected cloud account: EC2, RDS, MSK.
* We support all of AWS resources. The charge is based on computed resources only.

How is pricing for managed units determined?

In our monthly payment plan, We count the average number of unique daily Managed Units every month. So if there are 100 instances for 29 days and 1000 instances on one day, then the average will be ((100*29)+(1000*1))/30=130 instances.
This approach evens out any discrete increases in instances through auto-scaling and ephemeral workloads.

Pricing for our annual subscription is determined by the average number of managed units active in your integrated environment during the 14 days trial. In the event additional cloud accounts are integrated into your environment at a later date, these will be billed separately.

What is the advantage of an annual subscription?

With an annual subscription, you’ll receive a 20% discount.

How can I be sure my data is secure?

At lightlyitics, security is our number one priority. We take security into consideration at everylevel and with every aspect of our engineering workflow. We are proud to be a SoC2 Type2 certified platform. MFA login is supported.

What happens once my free 14-day trial ends?

Once the free trial ends your account will be suspended unless you choose to subscribe with either our Pro or Advanced tracks.

Are discounts available?

Volume discounts are available (500+ MUs). Contact us for details