Lightlytics and Kubernetes- Perfect harmony

October 26, 2022
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You are the Maestro of your cloud, creating beautiful computing music. Your channels are containers each adding a layer of pitch perfect data. The brass section adds its tempo building beats, strings join for the crescendo and a small yet harmonic piano container comes in, together they create a beautiful symphony of an application. In your head as the Maestro, parts play beautifully together but in real time building this symphony of sounds (data) does not always create that harmony that you heard in your head, the Cello is playing fast when it should play slow, for some reason somebody left the percussion section open to the Internet. We hope that by now you get the metaphor - as a conductor of cloud containers you need to see an entire picture of your cloud environment.

Cloud-native teams like yours lack visibility into K8s clusters and their entangled relationships with your cloud. This leads to un-expected cloud costs, availability risks and security & compliance risks. Not seeing the full picture with AWS and K8s means you’re missing a part of the picture - not hearing all of the channels in our music analogy. Without this understanding, simple AWS configuration changes or IAM changes may result in outages for your K8s clusters, or changes in yourK8s configuration may result in issues with your cloud posture.

The Lightlytics platform enables you to review and troubleshoot fast you can dig into the in-cluster, inter-cluster and cluster-to-cloud relationships. Our CloudTwin technology give you and your team a real time look at your whole cloud so you can review K8s components with relevant activities and logs and recent changes and their impact to the cluster. We understand the importance of security with our platform you can enforce and monitor cloud and K8s security best practices and compliance requirements. Lightlytics comes with 340+ out-of-the-box architectural standards or create your own.

You can read more about our harmonious Kubernetes connection here:\treemium

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