Cloud Change Intelligence
An all-in-one real-time platform designed to deliver the essential context for seamless cloud operations.
Trusted by DevOps, Platform and SecOps teams worldwide
“Lightlytics provides us visibility into AWS configuration changes at a level that we didn’t previously have. We have the confidence to know when these changes occur, not only for security and availability, but for cost and budgeting purposes as well."
Gary Theis
CTO at Wego
"With Lightlytics analyst time that was previously spent on figuring out resource communication and configuration can now be spent on advanced security research. Freeing up cycles allows for better and faster mitigation and remediation.”
Tamir Ronen
CISO at HiBob
Better Therapeutics
"Lightlytics has a powerful yet intuitive platform that provides visibility and in-depth insights into your AWS infrastructure. Lightlytics has an exciting vision for the product, that if realized, could fundamentally change how we manage our cloud infrastructure and services.”
Jian Gong
Head of Cloud and Security
"Lightlytics allows Kaltura to move fast, helps onboard new team members easily by visualizing any changes they make across all environments, as well as enables teams to monitor all network flows, allowing them to investigate network and applicative paths with all the related changes.
Niv Shlomo
VP DevOps at Kaltura
Like you, no one possesses the time, resources, or budget to handle six or more distinct solutions to guarantee that their cloud infrastructure is Resilient, Cost-efficient, and Secure.

Stop the tool madness.

Native tools do not have the power to solve simple problems, and there are too many third-party tools for simple tasks.
Give your cloud operations teams the collaborative

Cloud Change Intelligence Platform

AWS Cloud InsightsAWS Cloud Alerts

Speed up the daily catch up

View high priority items with advanced dashboards:
Cover cost anomalies, security violations, service disruptions in one view, Get everybody on the same page - way before the blame game unfolds.

Real-time Change Impact Analysis

Start with the root cause, see the entire impact radius

Get the full picture in one view, dig into the config change at hand,
Geek out on security risks, see compliance violations, reveal who dunnit,
Discover all impacted resources, dropped active connections.
aws config change security impacts

Cloud Discovery

Stay on top of your AWS and k8s cloud footprint, troubleshoot fast with context.

See how your cloud layers interact, complete with fully attributed configurations, activities, cost, events and violations.

aws inventory
Manage inventory & assets real-time, stat!
aws resource discovery
Get the full story of each resource. Current Configuration,  Changes, Violations, Network / IAM activity, Cost.

Contextual Cloud Cost Management

Save money and time.
Way before the boss or finance asks for it.

Don’t let unused assets and misconfigurations drain your budget.
Existing solutions (native tools and legacy FinOps vendors) completely miss the context of resources in your environment. Making your DevOps and platform teams waste valuable cycles understanding your AWS bill and how costs build up. See how cloud configuration affects cost and find optimization opportunities.
aws resource cost context
aws unused resourcesaws unused resourcesaws unused resourcesaws unused resourcesaws unused nat gatewaysaws cost best practicesaws data transfer costsaws underutilized ec2aws unused resourcesaws unused resourcesaws unused resources

Respond to security gaps instantly

Posture-based policies checked against current state and any change in real-time so that you can fix in minutes.

aws guardrailsaws guardrailsaws security best practiceaws guardrails
aws real time security
Detect toxic combinations that can cause significant security risks or cause non-compliant status with compliance standards or internal best practices.

Network and IAM, Activity Monitoring

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your cloud network and IAM cross accounts, in real-time.

We attribute Network and IAM logs to all resources, so that you can easily understand how data and configurations interact

aws vpc flow logs monitoring

Built in anomaly-detection engine generates alerts for
Availability, Security and Cost.

Atypical Cost Spikes
Unexpected traffic rejects and IAM errors (availability)
Higher than baseline traffic volume (cost)
Eccentric machine and user activity (security)

Reduced Stress Guaranteed

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