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Cloud Change Intelligence

Investigate & resolve
AWS security incidents

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SIEM alert: Potential breach in your AWS environment

How do you find all impacted hosts & IAM roles?

Figuring out the complex cloud configuration as you’re trying to investigate a security incident is time consuming. So is trying to get bits of information from multiple tools:

Understand the topology & configuration using AWS Config,

Get identity permissions and logs from CIEM

Understand exposure using CSPM, CNAPP

Search through logs on DataDog, Splunk, CloudTrail

Cross fingers and hope for the best :)

When you add the endless bridge calls with operational teams to the mix, it’s no wonder it takes days/weeks to fully investigate security incidents on AWS.
When there’s a security incident, you need answers fast, and resolve rapidly in a collaborative way with Ops teams. We help you do just that!

Stay on top of AWS security & compliance:

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Prevent incidents and non-compliant status caused with architectural standards. Detect the second they happen.

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Find the root cause and impact radius of incidents in minutes with the complete context of your environment.  

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Collaborate efficiently with DevOps and SRE teams through a single platform with configuration, traffic flow and events.

Reduce cost and MTTR by consolidating multiple tools into one.
Use Lightlytics for AWS incident investigation or as the cloud security & compliance solution.

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See it in action

"With Lightlytics, analyst time that was previously spent on figuring out resource communication and configuration can now be spent on advanced security research. Freeing up cycles allows for better and faster mitigation and remediation.”

Tamir Ronen

"The team has adopted the “shift left” approach to allow developers to take full responsibility for their code in each stage of the code life cycle. "

Niv Shlomo
DevOps Group Manager, Kaltura

"By using Lightlytics, we regained control of our cloud posture to see who is doing what, how and when across multiple accounts. "

Jian Gong
Head of Cybersecurity, Better Therapeutics

Detect & troubleshoot AWS availability issues in minutes


Reduce operational effort and license cost for cloud operations