Change Intelligencewith a 21 day free trial

Experience the full capabilities of Lightlytics for 21 days with a free trial. To thank you, we'll plant a tree on your behalf and send you the certificate! 
Here's what to expect during the 21 day free trial:

  • Troubleshoot & Detect Availability, Security and Cost incidents 4-10x faster.
  • Improve and optimize your entire cloud posture with out of the box Resilience, Security and Cost recommendations.
  • Prevent misconfigurations before they happen and easily detect them when they do.

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What is a treemium?

A treemium is a concept we invented! We combined the best of a trial (full product experience for a limited time) and a freemium (limited product experience without time restrictions), and we plant a tree for every activated user!

We believe you will love our platform and will want to share it with your favorite people, so we added a referral option, too. Every activated user gets 5 referral codes, and you will receive a tree certificate for each activated referral. So, by trying Lightlytics and sharing the treemium with friends, you can plant 6 trees in total!

We want you to experience the full capabilities of Lightlytics during your first 21 days, after that you can choose to move to the Free plan or the Pro plan.

Frequently asked questions:

What do I get with a 21 day free trial?

You get all of Lightlytics's capabilities for a single AWS account (unlimited compute resources within the same account) for 21 days. You can get a feel for the UI and discover a whole new way of troubleshooting AWS incidents.

So, I submit this form. What happens next?

First, thank you for signing up! Our team will build your instance and you will receive a welcome email from us in the next 24 hours (we generally do this within 4-6 hours after form submission).
Once you receive the welcome email, please use the link to create your Lightlytics password, then connect your AWS account to get started.

How do I get started? How do I get support during my trial?  

You can read our step by step guides in Docs to get started once you gain access to our platform.
Our trials get community support via Slack. You will receive a link to join the community Slack channel once your instance is spun up. We rely on our experts and the community to support trials.  

How do I get a tree planted?  

Just enjoy the trial and we'll take care of that for you! 
Here's how to get a tree:

  • Sign up to free trial on this page.  
  • We spin up your environment and send you a welcome email with instructions.
  • Connect your AWS account with Lightlytics (aka activating your account).  
  • We plant a tree in your name and send the tree certificate to the email address you used to register.

That’s it!

What service do you use to get these trees planted?  

We work with OneTreePlanted, a non-profit organization focused on global deforestation. You will receive your tree certificates directly from them.

What happens when the trial is over?

We will share tips, tricks and best practices about Lightlytics during your trial (via email), so we’ll always be in touch. At the end of your 21 day free trial, you will be able to buy via a credit card or pay directly via your AWS cloud bill with a private offer matching your needs and size. You can also learn more about our plans on our plans page.

How can I connect multiple AWS accounts to Lightlytics?

The self serve trial is limited to one AWS account only. If you'd like to connect multiple AWS accounts to review cross-account capabilities, please contact us to schedule a collaborative trial (aka PoC).

Do you support Azure? Google Cloud? Alibaba Cloud? Oracle Cloud? Private Cloud?

No, we currently only support AWS as public cloud provider. We are working on supporting Azure, GCP and other public clouds soon.