Context-aware change tracking.

After integration, Lightlytics starts to collect configuration events to keep an exact representation of your cloud. Every configuration change is sent to Lightlytics, analyzed in real-time and immediately displayed with context and impact analysis.

Track the who, what, where, and when of every activity in your cloud environment.‍

Smart Infrastructure Changes Logs

A simple view will help you track and investigate configuration changes from most of your cloud services based on the actions users performed via the Management Console, CLI, SDKs/APIs, as well as services automated actions.

Each event shows the time at which the change occurred, who performed the activity, where it was executed from, the resources that were affected, and the impact it had on your cloud.

Correlation of Configuration Changes and Direct Impact on Your Cloud

Lightlytics uses groundbreaking technology and model to analyze configuration changes in real-time and in-scale. At each event, a visual correlation analysis is shown between the configurations that have changed and the direct impact it had on reachability, connectivity, exposure paths and accessibility.

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