See how configurations and dependencies shape the way your cloud behaves

The only cloud configuration observability platform in real-time

Configuration State and Dependencies

Inspect real-time resource configurations or previous snapshots. Lightlytics knows how resources are attached, associated and dependent with each other, so you can easily explore relationships within context.

Every configuration change made to your environment – regardless of how it occurred - is captured, analyzed, and reflected within seconds when using Lightlytics.

Configuration and Connectivity Analyzer

Lightlytics is your go-to tool before you take action.

Use Discovery to verify and troubleshoot connectivity, reachability, accessibility, and exposure paths.

Easily query between endpoints to determine which flows are feasible, plan new requirements, or to find cloud misconfigurations.

Real-Time and Enriched Traffic Logs

Analyze and troubleshoot configurations by looking at the activity and usage of resources with an enriched and detailed network traffic log across VPC’s, clusters, workloads, network components and even among specific configurations such as security groups.

You’d never cross the street without checking both ways first. Never deploy cloud infrastructure without evaluating the risks and building your plan properly.