Agile security built for cloud practitioners

Get the full Context, facilitate cross-functional collaboration and foster shared security responsibilities.
aws cloud securityk8s security
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Agile security built for cloud practitioners

Streamline cloud security and compliance tasks by having the full context. Easily understand your cloud exposure and improve security.
aws cloud securityk8s security
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aws cloud securityk8s security
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Detect in real-time,
Respond with context.

Achieve continuous cloud compliance by sharing visibility and responsibility with the teams owning the infrastructure.

Facilitate cross-functional collaboration by enabling any team member to detect and respond to the current security state of cloud and k8s.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)
Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM)
Cloud Detection and Response (CDR)
IaC (Infrastructure as Code) security

Trusted by SecOps and DevOps teams at companies including:

Context-aware policies for your cloud!

Posture based policies that are specific to your real-time cloud environment so that you can fix what matters in minutes.
Regain control with out-of-the-box and custom security standards.
AWS guardrails
Example #1

Expect only the billing service to access the billing DynamoDB table.

Example #2

Connectivity across regions should go through TGW and not VPC Peering for GDPR compliance reasons.

Real-time security impact analysis and alerts on any change.

Get notified of new risks to any of your favorite tools
(i.e Splunk, OpsGenie Slack, Teams), understand the impact of any recent change on your security posture, compliance, and custom rules, in real-time. See who, changed what, and take action.

Observe your entire cloud environment in a single console.

Query all relationships across cloud layers, dependencies and accounts, enriched with all the needed context, all from a single console. Fix security and compliance issues faster by making sense of all dependencies in seconds.

Answer any cloud security question, fast with context.

Some examples:
Which k8s pods in the "app" namespace are exposed to the internet?
Who has access to our billing DynamoDB?
Can our RDS be accessed from the VPN?
Is there any possible access between the Dev and Prod accounts?
Which third parties have access to our production account?

Detect, Investigate and Respond to any activity in your cloud.

Investigate any identity (IAM) or Machine activity with automatic correlation to resources. Analyze and understand any action done in your cloud.

Manage inventory & assets real-time, stat!

Know what you have where in your cloud infrastructure, in real time. Slice and dice your inventory by any combination of attributes to find the patterns you’re looking for in seconds.

Discover & Manage your cloud inventory
Use resource attributes to refine your results

Agile Cloud Security:
The Ultimate Handbook

All you need to know to detect, remediate and respond to cloud incidents.

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