Cloud Cost

Troubleshoot cloud cost
with context

AWS flowlogs visualization

Understanding cloud bills is… Complicated

Answering simple questions about your total cloud cost using native tools is not straight forward with:

Multiple accounts
Resource dependencies
Data Transfer
Randomly applied RIs, Savings & discounts
Still troubleshooting cloud cost without context? 

Understanding the current cost and the estimated trend across cloud environments is very complicated because of the complex nature of cloud layers. Here’s what’s missing with native tools and cost solutions to troubleshoot effectively today:

The context of how these cloud resources work to power your business

The configuration change or behavior that originated the cost on your cloud bill

The impact radius of these changes for cost in your environment.

Why does the world need a cloud cost troubleshooting solution?

Because we can only optimize what we fully understand.

Existing solutions (native tools and legacy FinOps vendors) completely miss the context of these resources in your environment and the network traffic of your cloud. Your DevOps and platform teams need to review the configuration changes and the actual traffic of your environment to fully understand total cloud cost. Only then, can you start optimizing and implementing best practices. A solution to this problem did not exist for DevOps teams, so we created one!

DevOps teams, meettroubleshooting for cloud cost

We’ve created the world’s first cloud cost troubleshooting solution for DevOps/Cloud teams. Here’s the why and how:

Double click into the cost associated with cloud asset tags.

Review the trend of a specific tag and dive into the exact resource type/specific resources that caused the uptick in cost.

Answer previously difficult cloud cost questions like:

How much did auto-scaling groups cost us last month?

Are we optimizing data egress cost for data shared with partners? Ingress between regions?

How did we accumulate these network line items on our cloud bill? Which apps consumed that?

Deploy cloud infrastructure changes with confidence. Troubleshoot faster with the complete context of your cloud environment.