Architectural Standards

Share & enforce best practices, empower teams with context.

Share out-of-the-box and custom controls,
enforce architectural standards at build and real-time, bring Ops and Security together.

With traditional IaC/Cloud static scanning tools, changes/resources are scanned individually without context; due to that, analyzing results is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort.

DevOps, SREs and SecOps teams need to analyze who made the change, the impact radius and the actual severity of the alert.
If a fix is needed, your teams need to consider what will happen to all the related resources that utilize the problematic resource, which is a difficult task by itself.

terraform static code analysis
Lightlytics covers both Build and Realtime with Context-aware policies for your cloud!
This reduces time to fix, increases confidence and eliminates false alarms.

Out-of-the-box posture based policies that are specific to your real-time cloud environment for Availability, Cost, Security (CSPM, CIEM, KSPM) and Compliance.

Check all changes against best practices and organizational knowledge.

Easily tune controls and enforce custom-made business-logic architectural standards.
AWS guardrails
Example #1

Expect only billing microservice to access billing DynamoDB table.

Example #2

Connectivity across vpcs/regions/accounts should be via TGW and not VPC Peering.