Our vision:
To make cloud better for everyone.

Development for infrastructure today is as agile and complex as software development. Using traditional tools, it's impossible to see and assess all the risks with dependencies in new infrastructure deployments or troubleshooting issues.
DevOps nightmares and their significant impact (downtime, security risks, loss of productivity) should be prevented, not managed.
We are here to solve cloud complexity, because we believe that the best crisis management is prevention.
We enable DevOps, SRE and Security teams to predict and track the impact of changes, prevent system downtime, unexpected costs and security breaches caused by infrastructure changes. In case of an issue, we help teams to troubleshoot effectively and deliver permanent solutions.

Meet our team

In early 2020, we assembled a team of seasoned 'engineers extraordinaires' to do one thing: Solve cloud complexity for DevOps, SRE and Security teams so they can operate cloud infrastructure with confidence.
We believe that cloud operations deserve a single pane for all cloud pain.

Our platform helps our customers grow their business in the cloud, and creates a tangible and lasting impact on the way DevOps teams collaborate.
Or Shoshani
Founder & CEO
Stav Sitnikov
Co-founder, CTO
Liran Roffman
Co-founder, VP Engineering

Proudly backed by

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Rona Segev
Managing Partner
TLV Partners
Shawn Cherian
Daniel Karp
Cervin Ventures
Kobi Samboursky
Managing Partner
Glilot Capital Partners


Amir Hermelin
Ex-Google Cloud, CTO at FICO
Dan Sarel
Co-Founder, VP Product Demisto
(Palo Alto Networks)
Anuj Kapur
President & CEO at CloudBees
Ex-Cisco Chief Strategy Officer
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